Our mission

Our mission is support those who are experiencing behavioral difficulties with their companions, or who simply wish to better understand their pets. We want to help you re-establish a balance at home where the needs of the human and pet couple are understood and can be expressed, thus strengthening the bond that unites you.


Our services: intervention and coaching

Our bilingual (French/English) animal behaviorists offer their services to adopters, shelters and other organizations that interact with cats, dogs and other pets.

As each animal is unique, each behavior problem has its own particularities. That's why we've surrounded ourselves with a team of experts with extensive consulting experience, who can offer you the following services:

Tailor made intervention services
Personalized intervention services for your pet's problem behaviors, or to prevent them from occurring in the first place, thereby preventing health and safety risks.
Tailor made coaching
Personalized accompaniment services to guide you in situations such as: adoption, moving, introducing pitou to kitty, preparing for the arrival of baby, etc. 

Our mission is to help people understand their animals and live in harmony with them.

Our commitments

We always place the animal at the center of our interventions and coaching sessions.
We customize each of our interventions to safely meet the expectations of the whole family!
We believe in the effectiveness of education and training through positive reinforcement.
We take into account the environmental management factor to meet the animal's needs.
We adopt and respect the various codes of ethics of our professional associations.
We respect the LIMA principle, the least intrusive, least aversive possible (https://iaabc.org/lima).
We keep our knowledge up to date through ongoing training and the sharing of experience.
Our interventions and recommendations are based on the behavioral science.

Our worlds


The world of dogs

  • Education and coaching.
  • Resolution of problem of behaviors.
  • Behavioral assessment.
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The world of cats

  • Resolution of problem of behaviors.
  • Environmental enrichment.
  • Coaching.
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